Welcome to Horse Island Productions! The name “Horse Island” comes from a story my friends and I tell each other – a dream we have of a place we plan to be someday. This website is one step on my own personal road toward that place.

Via Horse Island Productions, I am offering a variety of services including WordPress-based websites, web hosting, virtual assistant services, and Microsoft Office tutoring. Please visit the Web Services and Other Services pages to learn more.

You’ll also find photos from my travels around the U.S.A., favorite recipes, and of course some horse stuff. Thanks for stopping by!


“I want to ride to the ridge where the West commences….

They say if you want a dream to come true, you have to work for it. Set a goal, make a plan, chart a course. Eat, sleep, and breathe that dream.

The photo above is of me enjoying the rewards of dreaming, planning, and a whole lot of hard work!